Business Advisory and Consulting

The success of your business is always your primary concern, whether you are in the public, private or non-profit sector. Across every industry, competition, demographic shifts and increasing demands from clients and stakeholders are affecting organizations of all sizes. Now more than ever, you need an experienced, trusted advisor who can help you to plan ahead and adapt.

Our consulting services can help you with:

  • Restructuring your business to avoid going into liquidation or to improve profitability
  • Developing a clear sense of purpose for when you take your business global
  • Business ownership or management transitioning
  • Improving the performance of your organization through the creation of standards and benchmarks

CJW can help you strategically plan your organizationís future by providing business coaching, business plans and projections, cash flow forecasts and management, and due diligence for significant transactions. Using our tax and accounting expertise, we work with clients to help them develop and refine their ideas, plans and strategies into measurable results. We have provided consulting services to all kinds of enterprises including not-for profits.

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