Audit and Assurance Services

A quality audit is of fundamental importance for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and the integrity of financial information. Our firm adheres to rigorous quality control policies that provide you with an audit opinion to meet the highest standard.

Our experience covers many industries and service sectors across the world, which allows us to focus on key areas of risk, adequacy of internal controls and potential areas of fraud. Through careful review of your financial statements and other business records, the audit team analyzes and cross-checks important information about your business. Our experts help to identify any fiscal irregularities before they become an issue and ensure that the operational, administrative and financial functions of your business are within your control.

An audit engagement provides the highest level of independent assurance through a professional opinion on whether an entity’s financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. It is not a certification that everything presented is completely verified.

Do you need an audit?

All public companies in Canada and The US are required to undergo audits. In North American regulatory environments, auditors are required to register oversight bodies (CPAB or PCAOB) and to meet rigorous standards and licensing requirements.

  • The key stakeholders, investors and lenders of a private enterprise might require an audit opinion.
  • Non-profit organizations might have government funders and other contributors that require audit procedures.
  • Audits are required to be performed for those reporting under PSAB.

Working with CJW allows you to have confidence in your audit procedures. If you need an audit or you would like to find out whether one is required, contact us today.

Audit and Assurance Services

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