Business Succession Planning

Eventually, someone other than you will own or run your business. Maybe you want to sell to a promising employee or an outside investor, or hand the business down to a family member. Whatever the situation, business succession is an inevitable fact of life. It does not need to be a difficult transition.

As business succession planning experts, we have experience in valuing companies and structuring successions. We address technical and interpersonal concerns, taking into account both management and financial realities. With our thorough analysis and long-term perspective, we create flexible strategies that adapt to the business as it continues to grow and evolve.

Some of the issues we consider in your business succession plan are:

  • Business Valuation determining the worth of your business
  • Tax Planning we review the tax implications of the transfer of assets
  • Planning for Retirement ensuring a secure stream of income so that you are able to to retire comfortably
  • Pre-succession Business Planning we help you to develop a 3-5 year business plan on which to build your business succession plan
  • Management Transfer we help you to groom your successors good management skills will make or break the future of your business

With all of the things you need to consider for a business succession, it is essential to plan ahead. Working with CJW will ensure that the transition is handled in the most effective manner possible. Before you make any decisions, contact a qualified business succession advisor at CJW.

Business Succession Planning

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